"It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching."
                  -St. Francis of Assisi

It is indeed ironic that I would choose this quote from St Francis Assisi to top my website.  It was labyrinth work that led me into ministry!!!  (See separate "Labyrinth" and "Ministry" pages) The picture below was taken at the Unitarian Annual General Meeting held in Chester in April 2004.  I am in the centre of my labyrinth, warming the group (80+!!!) by leading them in a prayer.  When I showed this picture to someone later and commented, "That's me - I am leading all those people in prayer!" - the reply came back to me, "Well, YEAH, labyrinth work is a form of ministry".  That's when it finally dawned on me that my calling was towards ministry.  Later that month, I attended my initial interview with the Interfaith Seminary and was invited to undertake the 2 year training.

Ironic also that the Unitarians are now using a modified version of this photograph of my labyrinth as a backdrop to their advertising posters!!!

Welcome to my world! I have several areas of interest and this website is designed to give you a flavour.  I am based in East Sussex but am willing to travel!

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