Please note that these recommendations/links have been collated by and are © Danielle Wilson.  They are merely my own recommendations of other sources of information people might find useful when embarking on research into labyrinths:

Veriditas, The Worldwide Labyrinth Project: (this is the organisation I trained with)

The Labyrinth Society (USA):       -  instructions on how to draw a classical 7 circuit      - instructions on how to draw the Chartres labyrinth  - the WorldWide Labyrinth Locator (a collaboration between Veriditas and The Labyrinth Society)

Resource website for labyrinth activities by Veriditas trained facilitators in UK & Ireland:

Good overview of history of labyrinths all round the world:

Labyrinthos (Labyrinth Resource Centre UK - Jeff Saward):

Walking a Sacred Path (labyrinth workshops in Chartres):

The Labyrinth Company:

Labyrinth Enterprises: labyrinths)

Jay Edge: therapeutic workshops using labyrinth in UK -
Sarah Harrison: labyrinth walks available in UK -
Cindy Pavlinac - great photography (including labyrinths!!!):
Tony Christie: labyrinth activities in Ireland:

"Walking a Sacred Path" - Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress - ISBN 1-57322-547-9  (Artress is the person responsible for making labyrinths more widely used in the last 10 years & also the person I trained with to become a Veriditas trained Labyrinth Facilitator)

"Labyrinth - Landscape of the Soul" - Di Williams -

"Praying the Labyrinth" - Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion - ISBN 0-8298-1343-8 (prayers)

"Labyrinth - Pathway to Meditation and Healing" - Helen Raphael Sands - ISBN 1-85675-186-4 (good general book with rituals, how to make labyrinths, lots of great colour photos)

"Labyrinths - Ancient Paths of Wisdom and Peace" - Virginia Westbury - ISBN 1-85410-809-3 (good general book with colour photos)

"The Way of the Labyrinth" - Helen Curry - ISBN 0-14-019617-X (good on rituals)

"The Art of the Maze" - Adrian Fisher and Georg Gerster; Weidenfeld & Nicolson - ISBN: 1841880256

"Magical Paths: Mazes and Labyrinths in the 21st Century"  - Jeff Saward - Mitchell Beazley  - ISBN: 1840005734

 "Labyrinths & Mazes: A Complete Guide to Magical Paths of the World" - Jeff Saward  - Lark Books - ISBN: 1579905390

"Labyrinths and Mazes of the World" - Jeff Saward - Gaia Books - ISBN: 185675183X

"Mazes and Labyrinths in Great Britain" - John Martineau - Wooden Books - ISBN: 0-9525862-1-5

"Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses"  - Sig Lonegren - Sterling Publishing - ISBN: 0806974079

"Exploring the Labyrinth: A Guide for Healing and Spiritual Growth" - Melissa Gayle West - Broadway Books - ISBN: 0-7679-0356-0

"The Complete Guide to Labyrinths" - Cassandra Eason - The Crossing Press - ISBN: 1-58091-126-9

"Way of the Winding Path" - Eve Hogan - White Cloud Press - ISBN: 1883991528

Generally commercially available:
  • "Officium" - Jan Garbarek & Hilliard Ensemble - ECM New Series 1525 445 369-2
  • "Feather on the Breath of God" - Hildegard von Bingen - Hyperion CDA66039

Other music good for labyrinth walking - available through indicated websites:
Music available from me (see Jukebox for sound clips and Shopping Cart to place an order)
  • "Chartres - The Path of the Soul" - Catherine Braslavsky Ensemble - recorded live during labyrinth walks at Chartres Cathedral           
  •   "Labyrinth Walk" - Martin Gregory - Solo Piano written specifically for labyrinth walking -                                                                                                                                                   

Wooden finger labyrinths available from:

Labyrinth lapel pins - £5.00 - available from me - see Shopping Cart to place an order

Wooden finger labyrinths - 40 cm square - £70.00 - available from me - see Shopping Cart to place an order

Tours to Chartres:
Rev. Lauren Artress - Veriditas (USA):
Helena del Pino (UK): 01733-310 795 -

Canvas labyrinths

The Labyrinth Builders - now making canvas labyrinths in the UK (a first, I believe!) -


St James's Piccadilly: Labyrinth currently resting -

PETERBOROUGH CATHEDRAL: 1st Saturday each month -- Chartres style canvas - Contact: Helena del Pino, 01733-310 795 -

EDINBURGH - University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square: check for dates: - 32 ft canvas Chartres style - Contact:  0131-650 2595/6

Outdoor labyrinth in Edinburgh in George Square Gardens; open 7AM>7PM (4 PM in winter) Monday>Friday - for more information, see:

DUNDEE - University of Dundee Chaplaincy Centre: 36 ft canvas Chartres style - Contact:  01382-344 164 -

OTHER OUTDOOR TURF OR PAVED LABYRINTHS TO WALK (check the World Wide Labyrinth Locator for more information: 

Breamore, Salisbury                       
Julian's Bower, Alkborough, Lincs.
Edinburgh - George Square Gardens                
Milton Keynes
Godmanstone, Dorchester, Dorset                   
Saffron Walden, Essex
Hilton, Cambs.                            
St Catherine's Hill, Winchester
Ely Cathedral