Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Prosperity is not just about money. It relates to all areas of one's life. There is too much emphasis on having money and therefore any perceived lack of money is often allied to "If only I had money, all would be well."

The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity can help to address all areas of lack in one's life, not just money. It is about opening up to the abundance that is already present in our lives: abundance of health, advantages, spirit and, yes, money. But there should not be an exclusive focus on just the money aspect.

An example: In December 2014, my car was involved in an accident in which it was written off. I took the insurance money and re-invested it back into the car to have the damage repaired, as well as doing some much needed bodywork. When I was discussing with the body shop how long this might take, I told them that I was having to hire a car while my car was off the road. And he very generously offered to loan me one of their spare cars for the duration of the repair. All he asked was that I bring it back in good shape (!) and with 1/4 tank of petrol. For the next 6 weeks, every time I needed petrol, I filled up only just above the 1/4 tank mark, not wanting to put too much petrol into the car and then have to return it once the repairs were done with "too much petrol".

In this time period, I had to deliver a spare part over to the body shop. This was the first time I had seen my car since the accident. They had done such a marvellous job and I was so thrilled to see my beloved car restored to its former glory. When I left, I knew I needed to get some petrol for the borrowed car. I was so full of gratitude that I'd had the benefit of this borrowed car for so long that I immediately filled the entire tank with petrol. A few days later when my car was ready, I also took the borrowed car to have it valeted.

And I learned such a big lesson in being generous of spirit, not just about money. The least I could do was to return the car, cleaned up and full of petrol - they had loaned it to me for a full 6 weeks with absolutely no charge whatsoever!

* * *
I am a trained Spiritual Laws of Prosperity teacher. I was trained by Maggy Whitehouse. What I offer is nothing new or different. It is built upon Maggy's teachings as well as drawing from the Abraham-Hicks teachings on the Law of Abundance. I also draw from my own experiences of helping students to find fees to pay for their training, all the while also exploring their individual issues of scarcity.

If you would be interested in exploring prosperity issues, please contact me via the contact form.