To help people remember who they really are.....

Spiritual counselling works on the basis that in essence we are all already whole, i.e. there is nothing wrong with anyone.  This is not meant to whitewash the reality of the pain and suffering that we each experience but more to rise above this reality, to the realm of the "true self".  Here we can recognise that each person is whole and complete just as they are.  The role of the Spiritual Counsellor is to remind their client of their inherent wholeness, which they may have forgotten along the way.

I remember a story about a couple with a young boy and their anxieties in welcoming their new baby into his life:

As soon as the newborn was brought home from the hospital, the two-year-old son asked to hold the smaller child. But when the infant was put into his arms, the boy would specify that he wanted to be ALONE with the baby. Understandably, the parents were unsettled and didn't think this was a good idea.

Anyway, a few months went by and still the two-year-old insisted that he wanted to be alone with the baby. The parents put it off as long as they could, hoping that the older kid would forget, but his demands just got more and more persistent. Finally, they agreed to leave the two very young children in a room alone for a few minutes. Standing just outside the room, they listened for anything out-of-the-ordinary, while their son was FINALLY alone with the baby. And this is what they heard.

The two-year-old said to the newborn: "Tell me what God is like, cause I'm starting to forget.."

* * *

The role of the Spiritual Counsellor is to help us remember that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.


A fellow Interfaith Minister, Rev. Francis Briers made this excellent little video to explain spiritual counselling.  It is used with his express permission.


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